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Lots of Cubes.
Great for Blonde Leaf.

Best hookah coal format for home use.

Shaman 22MM Advantages.

Lots of Cubes.

Small cubes = more pieces (96pc/kg). 

This gives users lots of opportunities to find out their unique packing style, and which heat works best for them.

Quick & Easy.

The right choice for lovers of solo hookah sessions, where warming up in the first minutes is more important than the duration of burning.

Light Tobacco.

Blonde leaf and light tobacco love Shaman 22mm.


Also great for small bowls, fruit bowls and foil hookah bowls.


This format of coconut charcoal appeared first on the market for professional hookah masters as a healthy and safe alternative to quick-light charcoal.

Due to ecologically friendly production, coconut shell charcoal does not change the taste properties of hookah tobacco, whilst keeping high heat for a long duration, and opening the possibilities for experimenting with various tobacco flavours.

22MM - First on the Market.

More Charcoal.

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