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Europe's most popular.
Perfect for a Badcha.
Bigger size for deeper bowls.

Shaman 26MM Advantages.

26mm coal.png
Ideal for Badcha.

Minimal amount of ash allows for longer lasting sessions without needing any HMD.

Precision Size.

More heat - more room for creative thought!

Discover new horizons with the best hookah charcoal size for European hookahs.

26MM - European Standard.

Precision Developed Size - Eliminates Overheating.

From the northern fjords of Scandinavia to the southern coasts of Spain, Millions of Europeans choose this format of charcoal as a standard.We are proud to offer the highest quality charcoal for those who respect their traditions and smoking methods.

The Badcha requires a special approach to controlling heat, the easiest way control it is to use 26mm that evenly distributes the temperature throughout the bowl.

In addition, this format will be of interest to those who seek to explore new experiences when experimenting with foil or HMD.



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