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  Innovative and New.   
  Bestseller in Spain.      
  Australia's Charcoal of Choice.  

Shaman 28MM Advantages.

28mm provost.png
2 Cubes. 1 Provost.

For lovers of Provost or AOT - the 28mm will  be a personal favourite for its convinient size.

New Hit!

New on the Market. Lot's of mix and match opportunities to find your ideal heat solution. A hit in Spain and Australia.

28MM - Innovative & New.


The latest craze taking over the world - Shaman 28mm!

This coal was first launched in Spain, and with incredible success has become a hit worldwide, from Canada to Australia!

The 28mm combines the best of our big charcoal, being economical in use, and long lasting. 

A guaranteed hit and truly worthy of its XXL name.


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