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A business Favourite.
Ideal for HMD's and thick bowls.
Hookah standard for well-known tobacco.

Shaman 25MM Advantages.

Hookah Favourite.

Perfect size made this the most popular hookah charcoal in the professional hookah industry. Universally Loved by all.

Ideal Size.

Great for packing methods where duration and uniformity of heat is key. Ideal for foil and your choice of HMD.


Increased Burning Time and Amplified Heat Spread.


Tight quality control and the use of extremely high calorific raw material allowed us to make the best hookah charcoal, which proved to be excellent for HMD-based bowls.

We were inspired by the experience gained from our many years of experience in the hookah industry, and were able to make the product that meets even the most demanding requirements.

25MM - For Business.

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