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Designed for professional use.
The largest charcoal on this Planet.
Comfortable smoking in any environment.

Shaman 31MM Advantages.

31mm advantage.png
For the Experienced.

Dark leaf like Darkside and Azure love the Shaman 31mm. High Heat for prolonged periods, guaranteed to outlast all other hookah charcoals. For Experienced users only.

The Largest Coal Ever.

36 HOOKAHS IN ONE KILO. 1 Hookah = 1 coal.

Simple Arithmetic. After an hour, 31mm becomes a 25mm, lowering your overall coal consumption.

31MM...Because size Matters.


We were the first to develop a charcoal cube that alone could manage a whole shisha smoking session, and then some!


Even after an hour of smoking, our 31mm retains the properties of the smaller formats and is ready for re-use in other hookahs.


This allows you to turn your wildest hookah fantasies into reality.

While others dream, we take action and make the world’s largest hookah charcoal.

An Atomic bomb, an XXXL experiment out of control!

Shaman 31mm ... Because Size Matters!


More Charcoal.


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